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“Tuesday” is a little bichon frise who has suffered from collapsing trachea for a number of years. Up to now she has been maintained on oral prednisolone and inhaled steroids via an AeroDawg spacing chamber with variable results. On seeing the new Flexineb SA nebuliser her owner decided to invest in the latest technology. Watch her video below to see the Flexineb SA in use and hear Wendy’s comments and how it has helped Tuesday.

Nebulising my Bichon with Flexineb SA part one

Flexineb SA and Tuesday, less than 2 weeks in.

Tuesday and her Flexineb SA seven months on

Latest comment from Wendy on Tuesday’s treatment with Flexineb SA…
“…I can say that she is now more stable and healthy than she has been in a long long time…..
Straight up, I got the Flexineb SA in the start of 2015….. and expected that this would help get Tuesday off pred for the winter but expected the neb to be the secondary back up for summer with Tuesday getting oral pred again but……… if she could be off the pred half the year….. we had a chance. How many prednisolone tablets has Tuesday required since the day she began being nebbed?Zero.
We both know that Tuesday isnt cured….. but again I say……with the Flexineb SA I am now watching my dog live.
I have no doubt at all that Tuesdays life has been extended, her health is now much more stable and overall she is more healthy now than 2 years ago.
Words alone cannot convey enough gratitude for Tuesdays life. Please keep telling the world about Flexineb SA and do use her case history ….
Tuesday will be 10 years old in September 2015 and for that we thank you.”

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