Novel new allergen implicated in sever...

Date: 22nd November 2019
Posted By: Jon Slattery

Severe equine asthma (sEA), which closely resembles human asthma, is a debilitating and performance-limiting allergic respiratory disorder which affects 14% of horses in the Northern Hemisphere and is associated with increased allergen-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) against a range of environmental proteins. New research revealed a plethora of novel pollen, bacteria, mould and arthropod proteins significant... Read More

Investigation of blood biomarkers for ...

Date: 27th May 2019
Posted By: Jon Slattery

Researchers from the University of Montreal discuss identification of blood biomarkers for the diagnosis of asthma in horses. They conclude that haptoglobin, SCGB, and SP‐D may be diagnostic aids in horses with clinical signs of lower airway disease and neutrophilic pulmonary inflammation. Gy C, Leclere M, Vargas A, Grimes C, Lavoie J-P. Investigation of blood... Read More

Enantiomer-specific effects of albuter...

Date: 4th July 2018
Posted By: Jon Slattery

  Reinero et al. discuss the hypothesis that regular administration of R,S-albuterol or S-albuterol, but not R-albuterol, would induce airway inflammation in healthy and asthmatic cats. Racemic (R,S)-albuterol is a 1:1 mixture of an R-enantiomer which has bronchodilatory and anti-inflammatory effects, and an S-enantiomer which is associated with increased airway hyperreactivity and proinflammatory effects. Proinflammatory... Read More

Bioavailability and tolerability of ne...

Date: 4th July 2018
Posted By: Jon Slattery

  Haspel et. al compare the pharmokinetics and bioavailability of dexamethasone sodium phosphate (DSP) given by the intravenous and nebulised route. Their findings support similar studies in humans showing that efficacy between the two routes at reducing neutrophil counts in BAL is similar but plasma concentrations are much less via the nebulised route. This study... Read More

AeroKat feline aerosol chamber makes t...

Date: 26th February 2018
Posted By: Jon Slattery

The Metro newspaper recently featured a rescue cat by the name of Alma that has benefited from inhalation therapy using the AeroKat feline aerosol chamber. Alma had been diagnosed with feline asthma and her veterinarian immediately reached for the AeroKat to control her symptoms. Read the full article here “Rescue cat that needs an inhaler for her asthma... Read More

Scintigraphic Assessment of Deposition...

Date: 17th October 2017
Posted By: Jon Slattery

K. Chow et al. from the University of Melbourne compare the efficacy of radiolabeled fluticasone using a metered dose inhaler and by nebulisation. Percentage deposition in the lower airways was lower than that reported in adult humans but similar to that reported in children. nebulisation achieved approximately 60% higher concentrations within the lower airways compared... Read More


Date: 9th July 2016
Posted By: Jon Slattery

We are now able to supply a range of medications used for treating respiratory disease. Please contact us for more details Read More

NEW: AeroKat instructional video

Date: 26th February 2016
Posted By: Jon Slattery

Wondering how the AeroKat works or thinking of purchasing an AeroKat? Please click the link below to watch our new video below which details step by step how to get the most from the AeroKat feline aerosol chamber with Flow-Vu technology. AeroKat in use (9Mb MOV file) Read More

AeroKat helps an otter “breathe ...

Date: 21st September 2015
Posted By: Jon Slattery

It’s not just cats and dogs that get respiratory disease. Recently a sea otter in Seattle was experiencing signs attributed to bronchitis and was successfully treated with an AeroKat. Click Inhaler helps first asthmatic sea otter breathe easy to read the full story. Read More

Watch a video review of Flexineb SA

Date: 19th August 2015
Posted By: Jon Slattery

“Tuesday” is a little bichon frise who has suffered from collapsing trachea for a number of years. Up to now she has been maintained on oral prednisolone and inhaled steroids via an AeroDawg spacing chamber with variable results. On seeing the new Flexineb SA nebuliser her owner decided to invest in the latest technology. Watch her video... Read More

Flexineb SA

Date: 14th November 2014
Posted By: Jon Slattery

Following on from the tremendous success of the Flexineb equine nebuliser the Flexineb SA small animal nebuliser was launched at the London Vet Show November 2014 to unprecedented excitement and interest. Initial orders have already been sent out with very positive feedback. If you would like to know more about Flexineb SA then please click here Read More