Ruff is a 16 year old terrier who has absolutely nothing wrong with him except chronic bronchitis. He was so ill we I nearly had him put down. Neither he nor I were getting any sleep and he just coughed, couldn’t eat and looked as if he wanted to end it alRuffVenusl. He was on tablet steroids and an anti-tussive which helps stop the coughing. The problem was they both have severe side effects and his life was miserable. It was then I discovered AeroDawg while trawling the internet for possible solutions. He has an AeroDawg session morning and evening and is given an inhaled bronchodilator to dilate the bronchial tubes, followed by an inhaled steroid. It took almost 2 weeks to see any real effects, and I must thank Jon for his support suggesting I give it a bit longer, because it was during this time that I nearly gave up. Thank goodness I didn’t. Ruff now goes for his usual walks, is back to loving his food, plays with balls, and follows me everywhere. He’s back to normal. He was xrayed at the beginning and we discovered severe damage to one lung so we know he cannot be completely cured, but right now the problem is well under control. He has far shorter coughing periods and the cough is far less distressing. He can sometimes be coughing when he plays but it doesn’t worry him.

Anne, Wiltshire.


Harry is 14, he has hyperthyroidism (he has had two thyroidectomies in the past and currently takes a new medication with he can tolerate), mild heart failure and recently has been diagnosed with feline asthma.
I had seen the AeroKat before but not previously used it. On reviewing the literature I was keen to try the AeroKat which included the Flow-Vu device. My vet has prescribed the AeroKat previously to clients but had not seen the Flow-Vu feature before.
Harry has used the AeroKat for the last week now – initially he was not keen on having the mask put over his face but now does not mind, he sits relaxed and breaths comfortably . The Flow-Vu allows the number of breaths he takes to be counted, thereby ensuring he gets the correct dosage of medication. Without the Flow-Vu this would be left to chance, just hoping the correct number of breaths are taken over a specific period of time”

Melanie, East Sussex


We very nearly lost our little treasure, but she has an enormous heart and great will and helped us to fight these problems off. The breathing problems persisted, however, and our Veterinarians concluded that we should try the Aerodawg. That will take us up to date with the relationship that we established with you. Your kindness, concern and consideration and your direct and responsive assistance enabled us to acquire the Aerodawg within two days and we began treating her. The results were literally immediate and extraordinary. Within a day, her symptoms were relieved and she has not had a problem since.I have told you this before, but I am going to once again tell you that you and your Aerodawg device have been life-changing for Murphy Brown and for us. There truly are not words sufficient to express how much that means to us. How much better could life become than to know that you daily make the lives of others better. Thank you from the depth of our hearts.

Have a great UK day

Emory and Carolyn Brown, USA


cleo2_150x113“I am just writing to say that my cat developed asthma and has been on tablet medication. Our vet advised us about the Aerokat and since we have been weaning her off the tablets and have been using the chamber with great success. Our cat is like our little girl and is so precious to us so a big thank you to you all; I think the product deserves great recognition and I would proudly recommend the use of the Aerokat to any cat owners out there who may need it for their pets.

Huge huge thanks,

Paul (and Cleo)!!!”


“Dear BreathEazy
I would just like to say how grateful I am for your prompt service in sending us an Aerokat inhaler for our siamese cat Milly. Whilst she was initally a little reluctant to use it, after a couple of days she came to and now comes and reminds me when her medication is due every day. We have noticed a big difference since starting with the Aerokat and our vet is much happier now that Milly is off her tablet medication. Thank you so much.”

Christine, London


“…our pet dog called Sidney has chronic bronchitis. Prior to this, we had given Sidney steroid tablets and oSydney_150x109ther medicines but after time failed to help him after being on them, but after only the first time in using the aerosol chamber we have seen the difference in Sidney, ie hardly any coughing at all, and not bringing up any mucus residue. I know that this is early days but we feel that this device has really worked for Sidney and we wanted to share that information with you. Thank you.”

Clare and Philip, Wiltshire


“Hi, I have just used the AeroDawg inhaler on my sheltie for the first time ever and thought I would let everyone know how amazing it is. Tazi has chronic bronchitis and we have tried everything under the sun to try and ease the symptoms of her coughing. She is now soundly sleeping with improved breathing. If she does cough it is very short lived without the characteristic moist hacking as of late….. Well done AeroDawg for this fantastic invention – I’m sure my vet will be advising this in future as we are the first ones in this area.”

Suzy Ayshford, Torquay


“On 11th January 2005 you provided an AeroDawg aerosol chamber for use with my Springer Spaniel. Below I give a brief outline of the clinical condition of the dog, as reported to me, the treatment up to January 2004, and the subsequent progress after the introduction of an inhalant using the chamber.

In August 2003 the dog was referred to The Royal Veterinary College at Potters Bar. He had a history of bouts of coughing which were often prolonged and distressing.

The initial diagnosis suggested that it was possible that Bailey suffered from eosinophilic pulmonary granulomatosis or an idiopathic form of vasculitis. After an initial period of antibiotics he was given an aggressive immunosuppressive treatment with steroids.

After a approximately eight weeks Bailey returned to the Veterinary College for assessment. The initial diagnosis was confirmed and a further aggressive immunosuppressive treatment with steroids was recommended. It was suggested that the only effective way to resolve the problem was through a lobectomy. I was very reluctant to follow this course of action and asked that we treat the condition through medication.

Our veterinary practitioner discussed the problems of long-term use of non-targeted steroids with me and introduced the possibility of using an inhaler to specifically target the lung and associated bronchi.

At present Bailey’s medication consists of 2.5mg of oral steroid every 48 hours with an inhaled steroid delivered through the aerosol chamber twice daily. We have maintained a daily record of Bailey’s progress since November 2003 and this indicates a reduction in the number of coughing bouts to the point where there are weeks when he has none.

It is my belief that the aerosol chamber and the subsequent ability to use an inhalant has provided a targeted delivery of drugs and thus lessened considerably the long-term dangers of steroids. Also it has brought a marked improvement in the dog’s condition. Bailey is a typically active three-year old English Springer Spaniel.

Yours sincerely

John Reynolds”


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