Immuno-San 100ml solution




What is Immuno-San?

Immuno-San is an inhalable solution specially formulated to support the respiratory system of performance horses. Completely natural and non-testing (FEI) legal, making it ideal for use in competition horses. Ideal for all horse owners to use when travelling or regularly competing & exposed to virus’.
Immuno-San is a unique combination of high grade essential oils, scientifically proven to support the Immune System, and has demonstrated excellent results in clinical testing.

When is Immuno-San Prescribed?

For horses in work before a stressful situation such as travelling or stud.

Please note that there is a 48hr withdrawal period for racing due to the ingredient Camphora

Immuno-San helps support health and performance in equine athletes.

Indications for use Immuno-San

  • Prolonged recovery time
  • Nasal Discharge
  • Exposure to Dust
  • Travelling
  • Fatigue


Using Flexineb E series nebulisers the protocol is 5ml delivered twice daily, un-diluted via Flexineb. Be confident Immuno-San is reaching the lower respiratory tract, with Flexineb scintigraphy imaging demonstrating 71% of particles reaching the lower airways.
Immuno-San is indicated as a 10 day course repeatable as often as required but is ideal at the start of training & during intense training or travelling.

Used by the Best…

Immuno-San has been used by 16 riders participating in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, including 6 medallists!
It is also currently being used by 40 of the top 100 Showjumpers in the World Rankings!