Traditional Medication in Cats/Dogs

Betamethasone sodium phosphate
Glucocorticoid – 0.8 mg/kg IV, IM, SQ Acute emergency Rx

Serotonin antagonist – 1-2 mg/cat PO q12-24h

Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Glucocorticoid – 1 mg/kg IV, IM, SQ Acute emergency Rx

Antibiotic (for mycoplasmosis) – 5 mg/kg PO q12h

Epinephrine (adrenaline)
Bronchodilator, mixed adrenergic – 0.1 ml of 1:1,000 dilution IV, IM, SQ, via ET tube Acute emergency Rx

Methylprednisolone sodium succinate
Glucocorticoid – 50-100 mg/cat IV, IM, SQ Acute emergency Rx

Glucocorticoid – 1–2 mg/kg PO q12h to start; taper as possible

Selective (â2 agonist) – bronchodilator – 0.01 mg/kg IV, IM, SQ q4h 0.625-1.25 mg/cat PO q12h

Theophylline (sustained release)
Bronchodilator – 20–25 mg/kg PO q24h

Leukotriene receptor antagonist – 10 mg/cat PO q12h

Please note that most of these drugs will be off veterinary licence. BreathEazy Ltd neither endorses nor accepts liability for the use of these medications. The choice of prescribed medication lies with the consulting clinician.